Zheng Zhu is currently a post-doc fellow at Tsinghua University. Before that, he received Ph.D. degree from Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2019. During 2016-2019, he was research interns at SenseTime, Horizon Robotics, and DeepGlint. He has co-authored more than 50 journal and conference papers mainly on computer vision and robotics problems, such as autonomous driving, face recognition, visual tracking, human pose estimation. He has more than 4,000 Google Scholar citations to his work, including SiamRPN (1,400+ citations) and DaSiamRPN (700+ citations). His work DaSiamRPN is included in famous OpenCV Library. He organized the Masked Face Recognition Challenge & Workshop (MFR) in ICCV 2021. He ranked the 1st on NIST-FRVT Masked Face Recognition, won the COCO Keypoint Detection Challenge in ECCV 2020 and Visual Object Tracking (VOT) Real-Time Challenge in ECCV 2018.


·2022-07-05 Two paper accepted by ECCV 2022.

·2022-06-15 Will be Area Chair of International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG) 2023.

·2022-04-20 One paper accepted by T-PAMI.

·2022-03-03 Seven paper accepted by CVPR 2022.

·2021-09-30 One paper accepted by NeurIPS 2021.

·2021-08-19 The reports of WebFace260M track and InsightFace track in ICCV-21 MFR Challenge are available.

·2021-07-25 One paper accepted by ICCV 2021.

·2021-06-07 WebFace260M track of MFR Challenge in ICCV 2021 is open for submission. link

·2021-04-10 We will organize the Masked Face Recognition Challenge & Workshop (MFR) in ICCV 2021.

·2021-03-19 We rank the 1st among 513 entries on the NIST-FRVT Masked Face Recognition. (name: xforwardai-002)

·2021-03-04 Two paper accepted by CVPR 2021.

·2020-10-15 Our DaSiamRPN is included in OpenCV ! (Version: 3.5+, link: OpenCV)

·2020-10-09 We rank the 3rd among 430 entries on the NIST-FRVT ! (name: xforwardai-001)

·2020-08-23 We win the COCO Keypoint Detection Challenge in ECCV COCO-LVIS 2020 Workshop !

·2020-02-24 One paper accepted by CVPR 2020.

·2019-12-13 Start Postdoc career at i-VisionGroup in Tsinghua University.

·2019-05-30 Finish my Ph.D Defense !

·2019-02-26 One paper accepted by CVPR 2019.

·2018-09-14 We win the VOT2018 Real-time Challenge in ECCV VOT2018 Workshop (ranks 1st among 72 teams) [winner slides]

[paper] [code]

·2018-09-14 We ranks 2nd in the VOT2018 Long-term Challenge at ECCV VOT2018 Workshop. [paper] [code]

·2018-07-03 One paper accepted by ECCV 2018 as poster.

·2018-02-20 Two papers accepted by CVPR 2018, one spotlight and one poster.